Step by Step Instructions to Executing a Perfect Barbell Deadlift (Video Demo Included!)

Step by Step Instructions to Executing a Perfect Barbell Deadlift

Deadlifting is arguably one of most empowering exercises for a woman to learn and also one of the most beneficial exercises for your workout routine because of its ability to get your heart rate up and also build a strong lower body.

It’s extremely posterior chain dominant, meaning it works every muscle on your posterior side including the upper back, lower back (erectors), glutes, and hamstrings, but there’s also research that notes it’s activation of the core and quads (though it is found to be less than many say).⁣

That being said, the deadlift can be very hard to learn on your own, and hard to perform with the proper form which is why you hear many talking about injury with deadlifts.⁣

I’ve put together my best steps to learning how to deadlift with a barbell in the videos below:

Step 1: Learn the Hinge

Step 2: Load up the Hinge with a DB Romanian Deadlift

Step 3: Progress to a KB deadlift

Step 4: Add bumper plates to a barbell & execute

Note that you shouldn’t move into progressions until you have absolutely nailed the hinge in step 1. You should feel a stretch in the back of your legs and butt (hamstrings and glutes) as well as some activation of the low back - NO pain!

Tell me, did this demonstration help you feel more confident. If so, share this with your fellow female working on perfecting her deadlift and leave me a comment below what other exercises you’d like to see!

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