+ How long is the 1:1 program?

Anywhere from 3-12+ months. I advise at least 6 months of consistent coaching for habit permanence and the best, most sustainable results.

+ How many times a year does the group coaching open?

The group program opens 3-4x/year and first spots are offered to the exclusive waitlist.

+ What type of time/energy commitment does coaching require?

(1) You must be willing to submit punctual biweekly check-ins that include measurements and photos as well as monthly 30-60 minute video calls (these can be bypassed, but I encourage you to take advantage) (2) You must be willing to commit around 6-8 hours a week for exercise programming, meal planning, and weekly communication with me in order to meet your goals (3) You must be committed to taking the action steps we decided are needed to achieve your goals. (4) If you are worried you may not have the time or energy to put forth my high touch services, I'd encourage you to visit my product page to check out my month-to-month services until you can commit to more high-touch support.

+ What's the investment for coaching?

My coaching services are very client-oriented and based on the support YOU need which I won't know until we get on our Discovery Call, therefore I don't have a specific number to give you. That being said, if you have a budgeet of 150 to 300/month then I'd encourage you to visit my product page to check out my month-to-month services until you can afford more high-touch support.

+ I'm scared to commit, how do you ensure each client gets results?

Well first off, it's okay to be scared - it's normal human response to stepping out of your comfort zone. Remember, on the other side of fear is GROWTH. Second, I can't PROMISE anyone results if they aren't willing to put forth the same amount of time and action towards their goals as I do. I am a guide, a coach, but not a magician. I give you the tools and you must implement. That being said, I do have a systematic process that I use when working with EVERY. SINGLE. CLIENT. since you are a unique individual and I understand that. I use my system as a guide, not a rulebook - I tailor my service to fit the individual. Not the other way around.

+ Do you have any testimonials or past clients I can talk to?

Yes, please visit THIS page to check out all my amazing client's hard work and some pretty nice things they have to say about me :)