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What our clients are saying

Chioma N. | Group Coaching client, 9 lbs & 12 inches down

I never thought I’d actually enjoy exercising.”

Rhian R. | 15lbs & 12inches down

“I’ve lost 15lbs, I fit into clothes I haven’t been able to wear in years and feel so much stronger.”

Emily T. | Private Coaching client, 11lbs & 13inches down

“Before Madalynne I was stuck & had no hope….”

Real Client Results

What our clients are saying

Rachel N. | Group Coaching client, 10lbs & 25 inches down

“I saw amazing physical changes + increases in strength weekly.”

Crystle B. | Private Coaching client, 12lbs & 15inches down

“Madalynne has taught me how to eat without much effort to lose weight.”

Caitlyn S. | 4lbs & 5inches down

“My biggest win has definitely been working through my all-or-nothing mindset & loving myself at whatever stage my body is at.”

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Client Testimonials

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